PASED - Canadian Summer School on Practical Analyses of Software Engineering Data


The Influence of Test-Driven Development on Design of Object-Oriented Systems: A Qualitative Study with Developers in Industry
Mauricio Aniche, University of Sao Paulo

Requirement Based Testing
Nesa Asoudeh, Carleton University

Construcing a Test Code Quality Model and Assessing its Correlation to Issue Handling
Dimitrios Athanasiou, TU Delft/ SIG

Automated Analysis and Visualization of Software Systems
Martin Beck, Hasso-Plattner-Institut

Reverse Engineering Abstract Scenarios for Software Comprehension
Edna Braun, University of Ottawa

Measuring Subversions: Security and Legal Risk in Reused Software Artifacts
Julius Davies, University of Victoria

Calibration and Validation of a Maintainability Model
Miguel Ferreira, Software Improvement Group

Hadi Hemmati, Queen's University

Don't trust strangers - How to asses the quality of a research dataset
Israel Herraiz, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid

We do NOT share
Iman Keivanloo, Concordia University

Supporting the Comprehension of System Behaviour Under Load
Syer Mark, Queen's University

Ali Niknafs, University of Waterloo

Inter-Role Collaboration
Indira Nurdiani, University of Victoria

Towards a Benchmark and Automatic Calibration for IR-Based Concept Location
Scott Ohlemache, Wayne State University

Software Behaviour Analysis Based on the Human Perception Systems
Heidar Pirzadeh, Concordia University

Collaboration and Communication Needs in Aggregated FLOSS projects
German Poo-Caamano, University of Victoria

The Severity of Undetected Ambiguity in Software Engineering Requirements
Cristina Ribeiro, University of Waterloo

Code Clones in Software Product Lines
Sandro Schulze, University of Magdeburg

Mining Software Repositories with Topic Models
Stephen Thomas, Queen's University

The Influence of the Task on Programmer Behaviour
Annie Ying, University of McGill

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